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100 fuel cell electric vehicles hit the roads thanks to Hydrogen Mobility Europe

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The Hydrogen Mobility Europe project1 (H2ME), which brings together global leaders in the hydrogen sector, has announced the commissioning of 100 fuel cell electric vehicles in France, Germany and the United Kingdom: 60 Renault Kangoo ZE vehicles fitted with a Symbio FCell hydrogen tank that extends their range to 320 km, and 40 B-class Daimler fuel cell electric vehicles with a range of around 400 km.

Launched in July of 2015, this large-scale demonstration project aims to prove that hydrogen is an alternative solution for decarbonating transportation and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. This roll out is just the first stage in an extensive project that ultimately aims to commission more than 1,400 fuel cell electric vehicles. The Hydrogen Mobility Europe project involves eight European countries and more than 40 public and private entities committed to the development of zero-emission transportation solutions.

As a partner and stakeholder in this project, Air Liquide is providing its expertise and know-how to support the development of the hydrogen distribution infrastructure (stations) around Europe and the rest of the world, thereby encouraging the widespread adoption of zero-emission fuel cell electric vehicles.

Fuel cell electric vehicles do not generate any pollution at their point of use – no CO2 emissions, particulates or noise – and their range and charging time provide a level of convenience as yet unmatched by battery-powered electric vehicles. Moreover, the use of hydrogen for mobility helps to improve air quality in our towns.

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