Air Liquide Advanced Technologies welcome and fill two cars FCEV Hyundai ix35 with Hydrogen.

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On Friday 20th April 2012, during a trip organized by ZERO: Zero Emission Resource Organisation*, a Norwegian independent not-for-profit foundation, Air Liquide Advanced Technologies in Sassenage had the pleasure to welcome the 7 “travellers” of this trip (including 3 journalists) in order to fill the cars with Hydrogen (700 bars). That, on the occasion of a journey between Norway to the Mediterranean.

This “week trip” of about 2500 Kms began on Monday 16th April in Oslo and had as an objective to arrive on Friday 20th April at night in Monaco. This journey brought them in 5 stages to Monaco, with a stop "filling" to Air Liquide to Sassenage near Grenoble. 
Thanks to this journey, ZERO show that the technology is safe and efficient, the cars exist (with a range of over 500 kms). Now, the next objective for the sector players and Air Liquide is to increase authorities’ awareness of the indispensable implementation of an infrastructure (hydrogen station facilities) in order to do some other trip like this one, and to spread the use of hydrogen for clean mobility. This mature technology offers an additional alternative to meet energy and environmental challenges in transport.

ZERO – the Zero Emissions Resource Organisation - is an Oslo, Norway-based independent not-for-profit foundation working for zero emission solutions to the global climate challenge. We believe that emission-free alternatives exist for all energy use, and strive to achieve this goal through industry partnerships and extensive political advocacy on several focus areas.