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Air Liquide and Waga Energy on the final shortlist for the David with Goliath award

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The alliance between the start-up Phenix and the group Carrefour received the David with Goliath award presented by the alliance of large and young companies created by RAISE and Bain & Company. In partnership with the ESCP Europe Chair of Entrepreneurship, the prize was awarded for the first time in 2017 by a panel of judges made up of directors, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in the business world on November 15, 2017 at the Maison de la Mutualité in Paris. The David with Goliath award was created to encourage collaboration between large, growth-accelerating groups and young, agile start-ups to build bridges between the two worlds.

Air Liquide would like to congratulate its partner Carrefour, with which the Group shares common values regarding the energy transition. Air Liquide has been working with the retail giant since 2016 to drive forward development of bio-natural gas (biomethane) mobility in France.

As part of the alliance with Waga Energy, Air Liquide has supported the deployment of the Wagabox, an innovative technological solution that makes it possible to purify biogas produced during the storage of household waste and transform it into biomethane, producing clean, local and renewable energy that can be used in particular for transportation or residential heating.

Waga Energy’s technology enables circular economy development, which resonates with the commitments taken by Air Liquide to develop clean energy sources. The biomethane generated by purifying waste can be reinjected into the natural gas networks or be used to produce green, low carbon hydrogen. Hydrogen and biomethane will play a key part in the transition toward a low carbon society. Operating in all the value chains of these two growth areas, Air Liquide supports their development in France and abroad.

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