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Air Liquide involved in the Monte-Carlo E-Rally

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On Wednesday October 12, the Monte-Carlo E-Rally, organized by the Monaco Automobile Club, will start out from Fontainebleau, France. Following a three-staged rally, the teams will meet back up in the Principality of Monaco on the evening of Saturday 15, with a final challenge in Monaco on the morning of Sunday October 16.

This rally, which until now was reserved for competitors driving battery electric vehicles, will now be open to 100% non-polluting vehicles that generate no CO2 emissions. Thus, for the first time since it was launched in 1995, the E-Rally will feature fuel cell electric cars, namely three Kangoo ZE-Hydrogens and three Toyota Mirai.

Air Liquide's contribution to this event is a specially developed mobile hydrogen recharging station. It will allow the competitors to recharge their vehicles at every stage of the competition. The Air Liquide team will be in the field from October 12 to 16, producing and transporting the hydrogen on a daily basis as well as recharging the fuel cell cars competing.

The missing link of the energy transition, hydrogen already allows us to develop alternative mobility solutions for "carbon-free" transport. The technologies for its production and use are mature, and this carbon-free molecule can facilitate the switch to a "clean" world. The challenge now being a societal one, the Monte-Carlo E-Rally is a fantastic opportunity to promote the hydrogen energy solution to a wider public.

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