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Air Liquide opens Gamagori Hydrogen Station, first-ever hydrogen station to open inside a Resort Complex facility in Japan

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On April 22, Air Liquide Japan Ltd. is opening a station inside a Resort Complex facility, “Laguna Ten Bosch” in Gamagori City, Aichi Prefecture. This is the first time that a hydrogen station is opening within a Resort facility. This presence will contribute to meet increasing demand for hydrogen powered vehicles in the Higashi-Mikawa region, as well as to raise awareness on hydrogen as a key solution for the energy transition, in particular for clean mobility, and contribute to its recognition in society.

The Gamagori Hydrogen Station is the first Air Liquide station to be deployed in the frame of the Japan Hydrogen Mobility (JHyM) national consortium. It is also the third station deployed by Air Liquide in Aichi prefecture, following the two stations already in operation at Nagoya Atsuta and Toyota Interchange Hydrogen Stations.

“Laguna Ten Bosch” is an integrated Resort facility that overlooks the picturesque Mikawa Bay. With over 2.9 million visitors per year, it is one of the largest Resort facilities in the Aichi Prefecture and the largest in the Higashi-Mikawa region. “Laguna Ten Bosch” is located along the national highways Routes 23 and 247, both of which are the region’s main trunk roads.

While several permanent hydrogen stations have already been installed along trunk roads such as the national highway Route 1 which connects the cities of Nagoya and Okazaki, Gamagori Hydrogen Station is near both Okazaki and Toyohashi, offering heightened convenience to the region’s existing users. The station is also within sight of “Laguna Ten Bosch”’s many visitors, raising awareness of hydrogen powered vehicles and hydrogen stations, which we hope to bring mainstream awareness to this technology.

Gamagori Hydrogen Station has been installed with a packaged system that combines a compressor and hydrogen storage, based on Air Liquide’s standards. In applying this system, Air Liquide can build the station in a very limited time frame at a reduced cost.

In addition, the design of our hydrogen stations ensures safety for visitors to the facility.