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Air Liquide receives support from French State to its 200 MW electrolyzer project in Normandy and accelerates the development of the hydrogen sector in Europe

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Air Liquide receives support from the French State, subject to a final validation by the European Commission, to launch its Air Liquide Normand’Hy large scale renewable hydrogen production project. This electrolyzer of an initial 200 MW capacity, which should notably provide renewable hydrogen to TotalEnergies’ Normandy refinery, will use Siemens Energy technology. This project will significantly contribute to the creation of a French and European low-carbon hydrogen sector and to the decarbonization of the Normandy industrial basin. It will also contribute to the development of heavy duty hydrogen mobility in this important industrial area.

The Air Liquide large-scale renewable hydrogen production by electrolysis project has applied to the Hydrogen Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI Hydrogen) program, with a requested financial support of 190 million euros. Air Liquide welcomes the French State's will to support the project by reserving the necessary budget for its realization, subject to the conclusion of the investigation by the European Commission.

This electrolyzer project, named Air Liquide Normand’Hy, of a capacity of 200 MW in a first phase, will be located in Port-Jérôme, Normandy. It will be one of the first electrolyzers of this size in operation in the world, to decarbonize industry and mobility. It is planned to be commissioned in 2025. It will use Siemens Energy’s Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology, and will be built in the framework of the partnership announced between Air Liquide and Siemens Energy in February 2021. Air Liquide and Siemens Energy thus contribute to the rise of a European renewable hydrogen sector, with strong Franco-German roots.

Air Liquide is at the heart of a European renewable hydrogen production ecosystem, combining technology, renewable energy and applications. Air Liquide has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with TotalEnergies aiming at the signing of a long term renewable Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for part of the needs of the Air Liquide Normand’Hy electrolyzer. By implementing this electrolyzer technology for the first time at this scale, the Air Liquide Normand’Hy project will be in a position to provide renewable hydrogen to the industrial companies of the Normandy basin and to contribute to the development of low-carbon heavy duty mobility on the Axe Seine.

The supply of renewable hydrogen will contribute to the decarbonization of the refinery industry in this important French industrial basin, in accordance with the RED2 regulation. Air Liquide has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with TotalEnergies for the use of renewable hydrogen on its Gonfreville refinery. This refinery is connected to the local Air Liquide hydrogen network to which the new electrolyzer will also be connected.

Air Liquide Normand’Hy is part of a wider project to decarbonize the Normandy industrial basin. Air Liquide, Borealis, Esso S.A.F., TotalEnergies and Yara International have signed a Memorandum of Understanding in July 2021 aiming at developing a CO2 capture and storage infrastructure in Normandy with the objective to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 3 million tonnes per year by 2030.

Benoît Potier, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Air Liquide group, stated:

I welcome the French State’s commitment to Air Liquide Normand’Hy. This support will allow the realization of a major and innovative large-scale renewable hydrogen production project. It will also contribute to the creation of a competitive European hydrogen sector, which we want to spearhead with our partner Siemens Energy. Air Liquide Normand’Hy is at the heart of a vast ecosystem whose ambition is to decarbonize the Normandy industrial basin, notably by giving access to a low-carbon hydrogen network to major industrial companies such as TotalEnergies, but also by contributing to the development of low-carbon heavy duty mobility on the Axe Seine. The creation of that ecosystem with our partners demonstrates the will and the capacity of industrial companies to bring concrete solutions to the fight against global warming. This is in line with our Sustainable Development strategy, which aims not only at reducing our emissions but also at providing a range of solutions to decarbonize the industry.


Air Liquide's commitment to hydrogen

In full support of the 2015 Paris agreement, the Air Liquide commitments address the urgency of climate change and energy transition, targeting carbon neutrality by 2050. As a pioneer in hydrogen, the Group is convinced that hydrogen is a cornerstone of the energy transition. In the past 50 years, the Group has developed unique expertise enabling it to master the entire supply chain, from production and storage to distribution, contributing to the widespread use of hydrogen as a clean energy carrier for a wide range of applications such as  industrial usages and clean mobility. Air Liquide is committed to reaching several goals, investing approximately 8 billion Euro in the low-carbon hydrogen full value chain by 2035, and a total of 3 GW electrolysis capacity by 2030.

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