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Energy Observer starts its round-the-world odyssey

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Energy Observer, the first hydrogen-powered vessel to sail round the world, is on route to its second port of call in French waters, Boulogne-sur- Mer, where it will stay from July 22 to 30. Energy Observer was baptized on July 6 in Paris in the presence of its ambassadors, French Minister for the Environment, Nicolas Hulot and the Director of CEA-Liten, Florence Lambert, who announced the start of a round-the- world odyssey that will last six years with more than 100 stopovers. This series of navigations and meetings with creators of innovative solutions who are working for a cleaner world, starts with a tour of France that will come to an end in the Principality of Monaco.

Air Liquide, which has been involved in the development of hydrogen energy, particularly for mobility, for over 20 years, is supporting this scientific and technological project showcasing the role of hydrogen in the energy transition.

The ship is due to stop over in Paris, Boulogne-sur- mer, Cherbourg (August 26 until September 3), Nantes (September 9 thru 17), Bordeaux, and many other towns, where the crew will be able to test out all the systems on board this laboratory of the future. Energy Observer’s crew, which includes CEA-Liten engineers, will collect data from its various devices and will regularly report on the energy efficiency of the plethora of technologies on board: wind, solar, marine current power, and autonomous hydrogen production.

Energy Observer is the first zero-emission energy self-sufficient hydrogen vessel powered by renewable energy: 120m2 of photovoltaic panels, 2 vertical axis wind turbines, and 1 intelligent traction kite that will power two electrical motors that double as hydrogenerators. Energy Observer is the first ship in the world capable of producing its own hydrogen from sea water thanks to the energy mix.

Find out more on the Energy Observer website

Air Liquide, partner of Energy Observer