A fuel cell and and lighting balloons light up Christmas market

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In partnership with the city of Grenoble, Air Liquide Hydrogen Energy and Airstar offer for the first time in France, totally clean public illuminations provided by the combination of a fuel cell and lighting balloons.

Saturday, December 17th, was officially opened the Grenoble Mountain Christmas market on the Esplanade le Ray.

With the idea to offer a clean and innovating solution to light up the market, this project, initiated by the city of Grenoble, has been made possible by combining the expertise of Air Liquide Hydrogen Energy and Airstar.

The « Skyscrapers », two structures of nearly 11 meters, will be admired by the public of the eco-neighbourhood: “la Caserne de Bonne” everyday until December 31. Powered by a hydrogen fuel cell developed and produced by Air Liquide / Axane, and lit with balloons designed by Airstar, they make the originality of theses illuminations.
This eco-friendly approach in perfect harmony with the stated aim of a more sustainable future, allows to raise public awareness to one of tomorrow’s energies while creating a lightful event in compliance with the environment.

This project is another proof of Air Liquide’s commitment in promoting hydrogen as a clean energy carrier

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