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Hydrogen: the energy transition in the making!

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Faced with a dual challenge – energy and environmental – the Air Liquide group has been committed for nearly 20 years to developing solutions, particularly those concerned with using alternative fuels to achieve clean transportation. Hydrogen is one of the solutions championed by the Group.

Participating actively in promoting the widespread use of hydrogen as a clean energy and to its industrial rollout, Air Liquide has chosen to lend its support to the creation of a book devoted to the energy transition, viewed from the prism of hydrogen. This is a vital work in the energy debate, particularly just weeks before the opening of COP21, which will be held in Paris from November 30 to December 11, 2015. Air Liquide is one of the official partners of this UN Environment Programme Conference of Parties on Climate Change.

Pierre Etienne Franc – Vice President and Director of advanced Business and Technologies for the Air Liquide group – with the collaboration of freelance journalist Pascal Matéo – structured the book in the form of an account that retraces the developments of this technology within the context of the energy transition. The book also outlines the steps that remain to be taken before hydrogen can play its intended role in the energy revolution underway.

Indeed, as the technologies that allow us to manage the production and use are mature, this carbon-free molecule can facilitate the shift to a clean world. The challenge now is societal in nature. In the second part of the book, the author develops what he views as the importance of the collective dimension of this major technological, economic and social transformation.

“The energy revolution is in the making and it will involve hydrogen!” concludes the author.

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