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HyWay: Inauguration of the Air Liquide hydrogen charging station, Grenoble, January 22, 2016.

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The HyWay * project has reached another milestone. Indeed, after the deployment of the largest fleet of hydrogen-powered electric vehicles in Europe (21 Renault Kangoo ZE-H2 utility vehicles, 3 of which belong to Air Liquide) and the opening of the Air Liquide station in Sassenage (38) in June, a new hydrogen charging station of a larger capacity has just been inaugurated. This station designed, installed and operated by Air Liquide in Grenoble in the Gaz Electricité de Grenoble (GEG) site, will eventually be powered with hydrogen produced by electrolysis.

Air Liquide is actively involved in setting up the hydrogen energy industry at global level, contributing to meet the challenges of the energy transition. The Group has already built several hydrogen charging stations in Europe, notably in Paris, Rotterdam in the Netherlands, in Düsseldorf in Germany and in several cities in Denmark as well as in the United States and in Japan. The Air Liquide hydrogen charging station can recharge a vehicle’s tank in less than 5 minutes offering a driving range that can reach up to 500km in average.

* The HyWay project, coordinated by the Tenerrdis new energy cluster, is jointly supported by the European Union through the FEDER regional program, the French government (DREAL and ADEME) and the Rhône-Alpes regional council.