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Air Liquide has delivered a first modular hydrogen station to support the development of H2 MOBILITY Deutschland in Germany

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Air Liquide has delivered the first of four hydrogen filling stations for H2 MOBILITY Deutschland as part of the acceleration of the deployment of hydrogen vehicle infrastructures announced by H2 MOBILITY. This new generation of stations meets the challenges of modularity, performance and competitiveness of the market and can be adapted to the changing needs of customers, whether in terms of production capacity or types of vehicles. 

Because a large part of the hydrogen distribution capacity installed in 2025 for land mobility will be linked to heavy mobility (buses, trucks...), the stations' adaptability is crucial. The equipment that makes up our modular stations (valves, sensors, interfaces, high-pressure hydrogen storage or distribution points) can evolve according to customer needs in a short time, with minimal service interruption, and at a lower cost. 

To meet the needs of H2 MOBILITY Deutschland, a German consortium in which Air Liquide is also a shareholder and which is working to set up a hydrogen infrastructure in Germany, Air Liquide has supplied the first of 4 modular hydrogen filling stations. All the stations will be delivered by December 2022. These stations will complement the existing fleet of 35 hydrogen stations designed, manufactured, installed by Air Liquide and owned by H2 MOBILITY since 2016. To date, the H2M network has more than 90 hydrogen stations in Germany.

For over 20 years, Air Liquide has been designing hydrogen refueling stations. These solutions, whether standardized or customized, meet customers' needs: from design, integration, manufacturing, installation, to commissioning and maintenance of the stations. For this project, endurance tests were carried out on Air Liquide's Campus Technologies Grenoble in order to meet the market's safety, reliability, performance and competitiveness challenges, thanks to a test center at the cutting edge of technology in Europe.