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Air Liquide will supply its first hydrogen refueling station in Australia

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Air Liquide will supply Viva Energy Australia with a hydrogen refueling station for its Geelong project. This hydrogen refueling station is the first station supplied by Air Liquide in Australia and will be the largest one in the country.  

With a capacity of delivering more than 1 ton of hydrogen per day, the station will be able to serve 5 heavy duty vehicles per hour. It will allow two heavy duty vehicles to fill simultaneously as well as passenger cars consecutively with limited waiting time for efficient peak time management. This will provide Viva Energy’s hydrogen customers with a similar refueling experience to today’s traditional service station. Hydrogen can be supplied to the hydrogen refueling station either from an electrolyzer installed upstream or from the tube trailer connected to the station. The station is planned to be delivered and put in operation in 2023. 


In the past 50 years, Air Liquide has developed unique expertise enabling it to master the entire hydrogen supply chain, from production and storage to distribution. Air Liquide has designed and installed more than 180 stations around the world to date.