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Sinopec and Air Liquide Open two Hydrogen Stations in Shanghai, China

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On November 18, Sinopec and Air Liquide inaugurated their two hydrogen stations (HRS) in Shanghai, China. The two stations were rebuilt from the original gas stations and equipped with Air Liquide Houpu up-to-date Hydrogen equipment and technology.

The two stations are located in Jiading district, Shanghai, about 12 km apart from each other. With a delivery pressure of 35 MPa and a capacity of 1,000 kg of low-carbon hydrogen per day each, they will be able to meet the needs of 200 hydrogen fuel cell logistic trucks that are deployed in this area with an average refueling time of less than five minutes. In addition, to keep pace with the rapid development of fuel cell passenger cars in this area, each station will soon be equipped with an additional 70 MPa delivery pressure dispenser.

On November 6, Sinopec and Air Liquide signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in the presence of China's and France's presidents, aimed to accelerate the hydrogen infrastructure network of China. In the frame of MoU, the two companies will enhance their regional cooperation step by step to facilitate the hydrogen industry development in China. As an important city of the “Hydrogen Corridor” program at Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai will make full use of its location advantages, with a focus on infrastructure construction and accumulate experience for the scale development of the hydrogen energy industry. The two hydrogen stations fully combine the know-how of Sinopec and Air Liquide, leading the way of energy transition in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta area.

Air Liquide in China

Air Liquide in China operates nearly 90 plants and employs more than 4,000 employees today. With a strong presence in the key coastal industrial areas, Air Liquide is now expanding into the center, south and west. Its main business activities include industrial and medical gas operations, Engineering & Construction (designing, manufacturing and installing air separation units/hydrogen facilities), as well as Innovation activities.

Air Liquide’s commitment to hydrogen energy

In the past 50 years, Air Liquide has developed unique expertise enabling it to master the entire hydrogen supply chain, from production and storage to distribution and the development of applications for end users, thus contributing to the widespread use of hydrogen as a clean energy source, for mobility in particular. Air Liquide has designed and installed more than 120 stations around the world to date. Hydrogen is an alternative to meet the challenge of clean transportation and thus contributes to the improvement of air quality. Used in a fuel cell, hydrogen combines with oxygen in the air to produce electricity, emitting only water. It does not generate any pollution at the point of use: zero greenhouse gases, zero particles and zero noise. Hydrogen provides a concrete response to the challenges posed by sustainable mobility and local pollution in urban areas.