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Solutions COP21: Air Liquide is committed to clean transport

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From the 4th to 10th of december 2015, in parallel with the COP21, Solutions COP21 will take place at Grand Palais, Paris. Air Liquide participates in this event and showcases its solutions for the energy transition in the fields of hydrogen energy, biomethane and refrigerated transport. This immersive exhibition free of charge and open to all visitors, aims to bring together stakeholders in a different context, offering concrete solutions to climate change and to users.

Air Liquide positions itself in the field of sustainable energy with the ambition to introduce scientific and technological innovation into society in order to open new markets, by answering the current economic and ecological stakes.

As such, Air Liquide is committed to the development of ecological transport solutions based on gaseous fuels alternatives to fossil fuels such as hydrogen and biomethane. The Group develops hydrogen charging stations for forklift trucks, cars and buses, allowing great autonomy and emitting only water at point of use. In the area of ​​biomethane, we provide a comprehensive offer, from biogas purification to the distribution of biomethane through liquefaction and transportation.

Furthermore, Air Liquide offers a silent, efficient and sustainable cryogenic solution (Blueeze) for refrigerated transport.

Discover these solutions and meet our experts on the Air Liquide booth in the "Ecomobilité" area of the Solutions COP21’s show.

More info about the Solutions COP21 exhibition

About COP21

This year's climate Conference will take place in Paris between November 30 and December 11, 2015. The COP (Conference of Parties) is the international political response to climate change. Air Liquide is a partner of this 21th edition.

More info on the COP21 website